#Book “Dying to be Me” ‘s Author Anita Moorjani at TEDx

Anita Moorjani, the author of “Dying To Be Me” speaks at TEDx and shares her journey…

2020: It’s A New Year!!!

With the beginning of a new day in a new year,leaving behind the not so good things from the past and carrying forward the good things,it’s time to make new goals while pursuing the ongoing ones.

No matter what has happened so far,it is never late to hit the refresh button in life and make a new start…with a new,better, stronger and more determined self…What say?


AUTHOR:Nikhil Kushwaha
GENRE: Fiction

❣Arpan is a 35 year old professional chasing his career and monetary goals,keeping himself busy in his professional life,having no time or even care for his wife and daughter.
❣But soon,Arpan comes across a life changing experience which gives him a wake up call,making him realize what he was missing while leading that kind of life and that a day would come when he won’t get any second chance to go back and change it…be with his family,love and care for them. What if he dies all of sudden,without doing this at all?
❓What is that life changing experience?

1️⃣Very intriguing and eye catching title.
2️⃣Simple,quick read.
3️⃣Awesome narration of “life” afterlife.
4️⃣Book repeatedly conveys message of living in the moment,valuing life and loved ones.
5️⃣The detailed narration of protagonist watching his own funeral is emotionally stirring and gives shiver.
6️⃣The theme of the book is strong enough to give a wake up call about what we are doing with our life and do we value it and our loved ones enough?
7️⃣The book seems to be showing a mirror and harsh reality of the materialistic side of human nature,chasing after money and career at the cost of invaluable aspects of life,which can never be recovered as life is uncertain.
8️⃣Must read for everyone.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wild World: The Adventures of Bali and Bhola – Book Review

Author: Deepak Arora

Format: Paperback

Genre: Comic Fiction

The protagonists are Bali,a langur and Bhola,a bear. Both live in city.
While Bali works for Kanga and his job is to chase monkeys out of residential localities of the city,Bhola does street shows for his owner.

After getting fed up with the torture and brutal treatment by their owners,the two escape to move back to jungle.

During his welcome party,Bali saves Raja,the tiger from poacher’s attack and this makes him the hero.Other animals approach him with a request to rescue Rani,the tigress from the City Zoo.

The tale narrates the adventures of these animals to save the jungle from humans.

✒Simple,quick read.
✒Hilarious plot and fun filled narration.
✒Most incidents remind of The Jungle Book and other animated cartoon shows in which animals talk and do funny things…a bit nostalgic.
✒I felt a kind of sarcasm and satire towards humans destroying forests and killing animals for selfish reasons.
✒Must read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25

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Maiden Tales: Book Review

Authors: Suraj Baraliya & Amit Khuve


Genre:Fiction,Collection of Short Stories

About the Book

The book is a collection of following 12 short stories with diversified plots:
🧡Temple With Two Doors
🧡Second Chance
🧡A Selfish Philanthropist
🧡Hope He Gets That
🧡Deshmukh Tea Stall
🧡Jungle Safari
🧡Supporting Character
🧡The Missing Shadow
🧡One Night Stand
🧡Who Wants To Kill Daadu
🧡Co Wives

✒Every story leaves with a different but deep impact.
✒Some of the stories even leave a heartache.
✒The portrayal of characters has been done beautifully.
✒These stories narrate simple characters going through different complicated and tough circumstances,some of which are either relatable or observed around.
✒Must Read.

My Favourites From The Book

🧡Second Chance

🧡Hope He Gets That

🧡Deshmukh Tea Stall

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Small is Big – Vol.III: Book Review

Author: Rafaa Dalvi
Format: ebook

Genre: Collection of Short Stories

About the Book:

The book is third volume of the series. It has 100 micro tales from almost all fiction sub genres.

1️⃣Quick read,each story being hardly 4-5 lines long.
2️⃣Very unconventional and unique way of storytelling.
3️⃣The book has something for every kind of reader,one story gives goosebumps and chill in spine,another makes you chuckle and yet another leaves you emotional.
4️⃣The blend of philosophy, horror,comic,romance and suspense is awesome.

5️⃣Every story conveys an emotion.
6️⃣Summing up a story so effectively in so few words is really commendable…Kudos to the author!
7️⃣Must Read.

The Far Field : Book Review

AUTHOR: Madhuri Vijay
GENRE: Fiction
DURATION: 14 hrs
NARRATOR: Sneha Mathan
SOURCE: Audible
Other formats also available.

This is the story of a 24 year old girl Shalini living in Bangalore with her parents.The story has been narrated by Shalini herself. The story begins from present where Shalini goes through an emotional trauma after her mother’s death.

This also takes her down the memory lane to her childhood where she recalls her parents weird bonding and her own bonding with her parents.
She recalls a Kashmiri vendor called Bashir Ahmed visiting them to sell clothes. Bashir usually visited them on monthly basis.

As the story of the past unfolds,Shalini’s family begins to develop a warm bond with Bashir. Then once Bashir visited them after a long time. When asked by Shalini’s father, Bashir shared that situations back in Kashmir are not fine due to terrorism. Also, he had to vacate his accomodation in Bangalore so now he doesn’t have a place to stay.

Hearing this, Shalini’s father offers Bashir to stay at their home as long as he feels. However things turn sour when during a party hosted by Shalini’s father to introduce Bashir to his friend circle,just a day before he was leaving,some ideological differences arise after which Bashir leaves early the next morning. After this,Bashir goes missing and never turns up to their doorstep.

Back to present, the memories of that warm bond encourage Shalini to visit Kashmir in search of Bashir after her mother’s death.Lot of twists and turns lead to revelation of certain bitter realities to Shalini.

The book is the winner of the prestigious JCB Award for Literature,2019. The first half of the book has beautifully portrayed emotional distress of a young girl in search of parental affection.The book being JCB award winner had built my expectations very high,but it was actually quite a disappointment. The first few chapters draw a different picture about the plot but chapters further are very misleading and the climax is completely different from where it began…far from expectations.

An emotionally confused girl who is searching for a stability finally lands up doing  random things and getting indulged with random people…seems too messed up.The only good thing was the narrator’s efforts. However even this couldn’t help much as the book is spread over 40 chapters and at times the plot seems to fall flat thus leaving less scope even for the narrator.

Moreover,I couldn’t connect with the characters at all and this made it difficult for me to finish the book at times.

I would recommend the book to those who are eager to read every award winning book.


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❓QOTD: Have you ever read an award winning book which has disappointed you?
Please share in comments.

Ease: A Poetic Journey Within : Book Review


❤A compilation of numerous poems by the author or written in collaboration with others.

❤The poems focus on:
🌟Learning to be at ease with self
🌟Being comfortable in one’s own skin,self acceptance.
🌟Self healing
🌟Being in love with self

💕A beautiful book worth falling in love with…has artistic doodles and perfect formatting.
💕Cover has a serene look,apt with the theme of the book.
💕Name an emotion and you find it in the book…making it relatable.
💕Most of the poems are short and seem like voicing different emotions and mindsets one goes through.
💕The beauty of these poems is no matter whichever emotion they express,they end up with positivity.
💕I loved all the poems but Starters,My Way, Decorations, A Lost Key, Of The Sun, Formalities, Colors of Forgiveness, Sometimes and Worthwhile are my favourite.
💕The book is perfect for everyone,but specially for those who are searching for and in need of tranquility and a peaceful mind.
💕 Reading the book gives a therauptic feel to calm down a stressed,frustrated mind.
💕The book will make you love yourself and your life…something each one of us needs badly.
💕A Must Read.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐