Irony of Life

They say life is a journey, always meant to be travelled forward
Still everyone keeps travelling down back to the memory lane.

They say life is a beautiful ocean, sometimes wild peaceful other times
Still life seems to stagnate a few times.

They say life is all about ups and downs every now and then
Still one wishes for a stability, at least a straight line once in a while.

They say life may be a war, sometimes with self, with situations other times
Still one wants peace at every front.

They say life is beautiful in every way
Still one learns the most from the ugliness life brings in at times.

They say life is about being yourself
Still one has to become what one was never meant to be.

Meaning of life and life in reality,
Not at all in harmony, infact it’s full of irony.

How so much I wish, if there’d be
A magic stick so unique,
Which could vanish all ironies
And make life as it means
So that one could say
Life is what it means…

This is my own creationπŸ˜‡…felt like sharing…😊

Published by

Bookworm Garima

An optimistic bookworm and a music lover.

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