All The Light We Cannot See:BOOK REVIEW #16

A #fiction published in 2014 by Fourth Estate,an imprint of @harpercollins 📑531 pages
Price: Rs 277 (@amazondotin )

🏆🏆🏆The book is WINNER OF THE 2015 PULITZER PRIZE IN FICTION CATEGORY and this says it all about the book.

📌What would life be without sense of sight?

📌6 yr old French girl Marie Laure LeBlanc loses her sight due to juvenile cataract,lives with her widowed father who is a locksmith at a museum in Paris.

📌He has built a wooden scale model of their neighbourhood to give Marie develop a sense of touch.He also gets her novels in Braille to read.

📌The museum has an exquisite blue diamond💎 with value beyond measure but has a mystery too.

📌8 yr old Werner Pfenning lives in Germany with his sister. The two are orphans. Werner has keen interest in science and radio mechanics.

📌As the story unfolds,Marie and Werner meet and witness lot of twists and turns.

📌The story dates back in 1940’s.

❓How Marie and Werner meet?
❓What’s the mystery behind that blue diamond?
❓How Marie’s blindness and Werner’s interest in radio mechanics fit in all this?

✍A very engrossing story.

✍Marie’s dark world has been described amazingly and in a very touching manner.

✍The story narration switches between that of Marie and Werner alternately.

✍Inspite of being a book with 500+ pages,the story plot never loses its momentum, keeping my interest and curiosity intact,infact building as it proceeded towards the climax of story. I found this really commendable.👏👏👏


1.The Deep,2011
2.Memory Wall,2010
3.Four Seasons in Rome,2007
4.About Grace,2004
5.The Shell Collector,2002



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BOOK REVIEW#15:Kill Code

Published by TCK in 2018
Price: Rs 99
( @amazonkindle )

📌The protagonist is an ex cop,leaving his job after his colleague and friend Max gets shot and paralyzed below waist.

📌While the two are struggling for their livelihood,the protagonist gets a call for NSC training,for which he had applied twice earlier too but his application got rejected both times.

📌Max moves to Seattle and the protagonist (his name being revealed quite late) moves to his training camp,meeting other trainees on the way.

📌While going through a rigorous,exhaustive tests including combat skills and simulation exercises, the protagonist is rejected in the last round.

📌In a series of twists and turns switching over between simulation exercises and virtual reality situations to real life,lot of action takes place,ultimately leading to a completely unexpected climax.

🖋While in the first half,the tests and training part where simulation and virtual reality are involved,the book managed to have my interest and curiosity at their peak.

🖋However in the second half,there was a alot going on in the plot,leaving me confused to figure out what was happening, whether it was real or a simulation/virtual reality and that’s where the plot loses its hold and momentum.

🖋The way the plot begins,I had higher expectations.

🖋Overall a good to read.

RATING : 3.5🌟/5


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BOOK REVIEW #13:I Will Forget You Too

“In a continuous bid to forget,I remembered her more often.”…Abhi

GENRE:#fiction ,#romance
PRICE: Rs 99 (Ebook),Rs 108 (Paperback)

❤A teenage love story involving a school boy in love with his classmate who eventually falls in love with him too.

❤Situations drift them apart leading to breakup.

❤The boy finds it too hard to move on even years after the breakup while the girl is still out of reach.

❤Does the boy let his love go so easily? Is it that simple?

🖋The cover does justice with the story.

🖋A teenage love story  narrated in a beautiful manner.

🖋The best part of the love story is it doesn’t involve any lust or physical intimacy stuff unlike typical teenage love stories,thus making it unique and beautiful in its own way.

🖋The climax of the book makes it different from other books from similar genre.


🔖RATING: 4.25🌟/5 ❤



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BOOK REVIEW#14:Because You Loved Me

✒Ritwik Malik
**Published in 2011**
Price: Rs 90( @amazondotin )

Can one let go his/her love just like that,post breakup?… Doesn’t sound easy or in fact even possible for true love…

So was for Ritesh,a school boy,the male protagonist who tries his best to pursuade and get back his love,Aarushi,the female protagonist.

But this journey has hurdles at every turn,making things challenging for young Ritesh who doesn’t give up…
Does he succeed?

A teenage love story involving love,breakup,friendship, mischieves during school…

🖋The narration switches between past and present, where Ritesh is sharing his love story on request of his best friend’s girlfriend…an interesting approach to break the monotony.
🖋No typical teenage lust involved keeping the story line simple and free from such content that one finds in teenage love stories,I liked this thing.
🖋Inspite of all the hurdles and the fighting spirit of a young teenage boy pursuading his lost love,the book still isn’t able to appeal to the fullest.
🖋Some instances are sweet(b’coz it is a teenage love story) and interesting, sufficient enough to read the book till the end.


RATING: 3.25🌟/5



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BOOK REVIEW #12 #Review on Request/Recommendation: THE BROWN BRIEFCASE

#thebrownbriefcase ✒Dr Sandeep Jatwa @authordrsj
GENRE: #fiction / short read Litchee Publications
Price: Free available on

📌Nitya is married to Chirag since three years,both being working as professionals.
📌Nitya suspects her mom in law to be feeding the two with some suspicious stuff added to either their coffee or food.
📌Her doubt isn’t baseless. Certain changes in her mom in law’s behavior make Nitya sure about her mom in law’s evil intentions.
📌Nitya feels the reason behind her mom in law’s evil intentions might be that she(Nitya) hasn’t conceived yet,it’s been 3 years of her marriage.
📌Nitya decides to check on  what her mom in law is upto.
📌Mom in law suffers a massive heart attack and is rushed to the hospital,into ICCU,where none of the two are allowed to enter.
📌Nitya finds this as best opportunity and checks on her mom in law’s room to find a brown briefcase.
📌Opening the briefcase,she finds some suspicious stuff and a brown leather bound diary.
📌Seeing the stuff,Nitya thinks ill of her mom in law b’coz of her evil intentions for her son and daughter in law.
📌Checking on the diary,Nitya finds it is personal diary of her  mom in law,entry beginning from the day she(MIL) got married.
📌Reading the diary fills Nitya with guilt and repent.
📌The guilt and repent turn out to be for lifetime,when next day Nitya’s mom in law passes away after another fatal heart attack.
📌What was written in that diary that brought a turnaround in Nitya’s opinion for her mom in law?


🖋I found the story written in simple yet effective words.
🖋The climax of the story is quite touching,I liked it.
🖋The narration where Nitya’s mom in law’s weird behavior makes Nitya suspicious about her intentions,has been narrated in a bit dramatic way,but it’s good.
🖋The cover of the book goes well with the title and the theme of the story.
🖋Overall a good short read.


Other Book by the Author: Second Chance(available on @amazon)

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Review On Request & Recommendation:IT’S YOU AFTERWARDS

PRICE: Rs 107 (@amazonkindle )
Recommended by:@authorkhadelskbooks

📌Troubles in life give a person aim and opportunity to grow.
📌Troubles remind you about your goals.
📌All ups and downs of life teach you something.
📌Never underestimate or think low of yourself.
📌You yourself are the source of your strength and healing.
📌Nurture your inner self for a better and stronger you.

✍The book is written in a manner as if one is talking to self,which I found unique and the best thing in it.
✍The author has been able to cover up most of the thoughts one goes through during failures or tough times,making the book quite relatable.
✍Being a short read,it is easy and quick to read,good for those who want something short and quick to read to motivate or feel better.
✍Book lacks a typical bookish presentation and appeal.
✍Cover theme too dark colored,could have been surreal,matching with the theme and purpose of the book.
✍Author should have elaborated the thoughts at some places,they seem to end abruptly.
✍I found it a little overpriced, knowing that many renowned books are available on #amazonkindle at half the price of this book.


🔖RATING: 3.5🌟/5

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