AUTHOR:Nikhil Kushwaha
GENRE: Fiction

❣Arpan is a 35 year old professional chasing his career and monetary goals,keeping himself busy in his professional life,having no time or even care for his wife and daughter.
❣But soon,Arpan comes across a life changing experience which gives him a wake up call,making him realize what he was missing while leading that kind of life and that a day would come when he won’t get any second chance to go back and change it…be with his family,love and care for them. What if he dies all of sudden,without doing this at all?
❓What is that life changing experience?

1️⃣Very intriguing and eye catching title.
2️⃣Simple,quick read.
3️⃣Awesome narration of “life” afterlife.
4️⃣Book repeatedly conveys message of living in the moment,valuing life and loved ones.
5️⃣The detailed narration of protagonist watching his own funeral is emotionally stirring and gives shiver.
6️⃣The theme of the book is strong enough to give a wake up call about what we are doing with our life and do we value it and our loved ones enough?
7️⃣The book seems to be showing a mirror and harsh reality of the materialistic side of human nature,chasing after money and career at the cost of invaluable aspects of life,which can never be recovered as life is uncertain.
8️⃣Must read for everyone.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Bookworm Garima

An optimistic bookworm and a music lover.

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