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What Do I Do When I’m not reading?


I thought of sharing about the topic…thanks to my fellow bloggers for giving me this idea. Being a blogger makes reading as one of the key and most needed part of my daily “to do” list.

Other than the common routine tasks that everybody does, most of my day is spent in reading books and blogs. Drafting reviews of the books I’ve read is another task I’m doing almost every other day.

These days,I’ve also begun reviewing web series so another task in my “to do” list is watching and identifying web series and drafting their reviews. And by drafting reviews,I mean I actually write them down,re-read and improve them before finally posting them.

In addition to these,an indispensable part of my routine is listening music/songs. Not a single day of mine ends without listening music. And this has been this way since years I’ve lost count of.

Reading and music are like food for me. While in books,I enjoy reading fictions,true stories,biographies and self help genres the most,in music, Bollywood songs, instrumental music and English songs are my favorites.

Romantic songs and sufi songs are the ones I usually listen to. Old classic songs are always there in my playlists. Most of the classic songs are so soulful and with deep meaning. Contemporary songs are great too.

My favorite singers….there are many but Lata ji, Kishore da, Asha ji, Udit Narayan, Arijit Singh,the famous ABBA band and Backstreet Boys are my all time favorites.There many songs which I often listen to in repeat mode.

I would soon be beginning to post on my blog about music,songs, playlists etc.

Some of My All Time Favorite Old Classic Songs:

#WebSeries #Review #2: THE TEST CASE

Cast: Nimrat Kaur,Juhi Chawla (guest appearance), Atul Kulkarni,Rahul Dev,Anoop Soni.

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor and Vinay Waikul

Episodes: 10

Season: 1

Aired in: April 2017-January 2018

Channel: Alt Balaji

Series Plot:

Shikha Sharma(Nimrat) volunteers to pursue training course for Special Force in Indian Army. Even the Defence Minister(Juhi Chawla) proposes to induct women in combat operations and to consider Shikha as a test case for the same.

In a batch of 24 trainees,Shikha is the only female trainee and goes through lot of reluctance and passive behavior from her co trainees and initially her senior officers too. Other than the hardships of the intense,rigorous training, Shikha has to struggle a lot to break the myth and stereotype that women are unfit for combat operations. In order to do so, she denies privilege of a separate accommodation provided to her for being a female trainee and prefers to stay with other male co trainees in the dorm, However, this isn’t simple at all, but she faces it boldly, standing for herself.

Shikha manages to clear the various level of the training course,the final course being the toughest. During the final level, she has to go through traumatizing situation because of her co trainees. Denying all the help and support to sort out things, Shikha fights back on her own. Going through the hell like worst, finally she not just breaks the stereotype but also becomes the topper of her batch.

Why I chose to talk about The Test Case?

1. The story plot is about Indian Army and movies/serials/web series about Indian Army have always attracted me.

2. The story plot being woman oriented where the protagonist breaks stereotypes and myth about suitability of women in combat roles.

3. One of the directors of the series is Nagesh Kukunoor who is well known for his direction in movies like Iqbal and Dor, Iqbal being an awesome movie about self motivation and determination is one of my all time favorites too...Those who haven’t watched it yet, must definitely go for it.

4.The star cast is promising.

My Watching Experience:

Nimrat Kaur as the lead protagonist steals the show with her rock solid performance. All the artists in role of her co trainees gave a good performance too.

Atul Kulkarni in the role of Lieutenant Colonel as well as the head of training centre was perfect choice. He suits in such roles,the last I saw him doing one was in The Ghazi Attack,which was based on Indian Navy.

Rahul Dev fits well in the role of the Training Supervisor. Anoop Soni has done well too as the Investigating Officer.

The background music is in sync with the story line to add to the excitement of the viewer. The song played in parts,voicing Shikha’s determination and “never giving up” attitude is quite effective.

Rating : 8.5/10

NOTE: Being a web series,the language and some scenes are uncensored,meant for 18+ age group audience only. Parental control and discretion advised.


So recently I watched all the three seasons of the #webseries #StrangerThings on #Netflix and what a captivating storyline it had!

In season 1, living with their families in the state of Indiana, Mike, Dustin, Will & Lucas share a strong friendship. The real journey begins when Will goes missing suspiciously. While searching for him,it is revealed that it isn’t an ordinary case of a missing child. That’s when people come to know about a monster from a different world parallel to our world. Then enters Eleven, a young girl with special powers who eventually helps in finding Will and getting rid of the monster.

However the monster comes back in the successive seasons with more powers. Seasons 2 and 3 are based on this,wherein more new characters join the storyline.

Initially I found it quite scary yet the story plot kept me hooked with curiosity to know what happened next.

The child artists stole the show, specially the character of El (Eleven) played by #milliebobbybrown is so strongly built and Millie has performed brilliantly. Another character which I found amazing was that of the police chief Hopper played by #davidharbour.

The series is a #mustwatch for #thriller lovers.

Rating: 9/10

PS: Being a webseries, the language is uncensored so viewers’ discretion is advised.

**But then all the webseries are uncensored.

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