#Book “Dying to be Me” ‘s Author Anita Moorjani at TEDx

Anita Moorjani, the author of “Dying To Be Me” speaks at TEDx and shares her journey…

Irony of Life

They say life is a journey, always meant to be travelled forward
Still everyone keeps travelling down back to the memory lane.

They say life is a beautiful ocean, sometimes wild peaceful other times
Still life seems to stagnate a few times.

They say life is all about ups and downs every now and then
Still one wishes for a stability, at least a straight line once in a while.

They say life may be a war, sometimes with self, with situations other times
Still one wants peace at every front.

They say life is beautiful in every way
Still one learns the most from the ugliness life brings in at times.

They say life is about being yourself
Still one has to become what one was never meant to be.

Meaning of life and life in reality,
Not at all in harmony, infact it’s full of irony.

How so much I wish, if there’d be
A magic stick so unique,
Which could vanish all ironies
And make life as it means
So that one could say
Life is what it means…

This is my own creation😇…felt like sharing…😊

#Books I’ve Read in July 2019

What can be more awesome for a bookworm than to read as many books as possible,think and talk about books and updating TBR list…which in my case is growing beyond 10 times the exponential rate almost every other day...

Well,I don’t have any targetted number of books to be read every month. All I try is reading as many books as possible from various genres. How many books a person can read in a certain duration depends on his/her mindset while reading,the pace and appeal of the story plot or the theme of the book in case of non fiction books.

The books I have read in this month (the reading is still going on and the month hasn’t ended yet…2 days more to go) are:

1.Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani(True Story) 2.Leap of Faith by Danielle Steel (Fiction) 3.The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George(Fiction) 4. When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Datta (Fiction),re-read 6.Paper Towns by John Green (Fiction) 6.Ram Scion of Ishvaku by Amish (Fiction),still reading. 7. If You Could See Me Now by Cecilia Ahern(Fiction),re-reading.

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#BookReview #1: Dying To Be Me

Book Title: DYING TO BE ME

Author: Anita Moorjani

Genre: True Story

Language: English

Pages: 189

Publisher: Hay House Publishers

Published in: 2012

Awards/Achievements: #1 Bestseller, 15 Reprints till 2017

How long it took me to finish reading the book: 2.5 days

Note: Some books are so enlightening, healing and encouraging…they are like a lighthouse, guiding ships and boats even in a dark, storming and wild sea, thus helping them navigate and sail through safely. This post isn’t a spoiler so as to maintain the curiosity for the ones who haven’t read the book yet, thus encouraging them to read it at the earliest.


The book is a true account of the author herself. The book has been written in three parts.

The first part is about the author. Born in a Sindhi family consisting of her parents and an elder brother in Singapore, Anita grew in a neighborhood having mixed cultures. She became fluent in Cantonese along with Sindhi, Hindi and English. Anita had to face lots of ups and downs…including being treated differently because of brown skin, coping up with cultural and ideological differences of her school mates and her parents, forced engagement with match found by her parents, which was called off later. Since her childhood, Anita felt she was a misfit and unable to live up to everyone’s expectations leading to her frequent failures and somehow, situations used to make her confident about this.

Later, while she was being looked down by her community as someone with a bad upbringing, a stubborn, unsuitable prospective bride, Anita convinced her parents to let her pursue a job. The job not just gave her the opportunity to fulfill her ambition to be independent but also meet Danny Moorjani, her true love.

Unfortunately, Anita’s dad passed away before her marriage. After a few months, she tied knot with Danny. During the next 7 years, one of her friends Soni and her husband’s brother in law were diagnosed with cancer. This made Anita filled with fear which grew to such an extent that Anita began to have a fear for life.

In April 2002, Anita was diagnosed with a second stage of Lymphoma, a kind of cancer. After going through an extremely painful and traumatizing span of few years, she was rushed to hospital and was announced to have slipped in coma. The entire duration of her coma (30 hours) brought a complete turnaround to her life story so far and that’s where Anita no more remained the same, someone always giving up to situations and fears.

Miraculously, a cancer patient at terminal, metastasized stage who was brought to hospital in close to death condition, Anita’s ailment could not be traced in any of the investigations after she recovered from coma…How this happened, what made this happen…That’s where is the real, most enlightening part of the book.

The second part of the book throws light on Anita’s near death experience and her miraculous comeback, where she finds an altogether new and different way of looking at life and herself. The most surprising thing is Anita knew everything that happened during her coma.

In the third part of the book, Anita shares her views and understanding towards healing and positive energy.

From the paperback, “This is a book that definitely makes a case that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are all one.”

Anita is now absolutely fit, living a happy life with her husband. She is helping oncologists for betterment of patients and their healing, this being her aim of life now.

To know more about Anita, visit www.anitamoorjani.com

My Reading Experience

Knowing beforehand the fact that the book is a true account of the author had already made me curious to read the book. The narration of the young girl’s struggle , an ailing Anita’s painful journey in a very simple, apt yet very touching manner (which is quite disturbing too, for those unaware of what cancer patients have to go through) kept me engrossed and made me eager to know how she recovered from a near death experience…and there it was….A LIFETIME MANTRA for me. That’s when I felt more and more people should read this book no matter what their situations be.

This book is not meant for ailing people only. This book delivers the biggest essence of life, as I said a MANTRA which each one of us and our generations to come, should follow every moment of life.

That’s why I chose to begin writing about my reading experiences with “Dying to Be Me”.  

A BIG SALUTE TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH OR ARE GOING THROUGH SIMILAR STRUGGLES….and a request to all their family members, relatives, friends or even just acquaintances….healing is not only through medicines…how you can contribute in their healing and how you can heal yourself for even the smallest of your struggles and pains…just pick the book and you will know it all.

Who is Bookworm Garima?

Hey everyone!

Thanks a lot for giving it a try and reading!

While going through lot of thinking process about what I want to do with myself,…a very common question dancing around in every such person’s mind who is either not contended with whatever he/she is doing or who has’nt started yet but is bothered by everyone around asking,”beta, agey kya karne ka socha hai?”(dear, what are your future plans). Usually many of such intellectuals are able to figure out the answer to such questions, still there are many others who begin by doing something with their careers, but later on they realize…mazaa nahi aa raha hai (I am not enjoying what I am doing) and then they are back to square. Again the same thinking process and then finally……dimag ki tubelight jal hi jati hai (finally their brain starts working to get an answer) and they have a “Eureka” moment. I belong to this category.

Allow me to introduce myself….I am Dr. Garima Joshi from India 🙏. I am a bookworm (which you all must have figured out by the blog name), a bibliophile and a music lover (fond of listening songs and instrumental music, to be more specific). After working for almost 12 years as a faculty in various business schools, I finally figured out what I would enjoy doing the most,…..BLOGGING of course!I was missing my passion, my long lost love….READING BOOKS (sorry to disappoint those who were thinking it was something else)

Books here do not refer to the ones related to curriculum. Of course curriculum books are undoubtedly important from education point of view but I am referring to the books that a person chooses to read and is not forced to read. These books may be from any genre, by any author, in any language (obviously which the person can comprehend) but the person feels the urge/temptation/motivation to pick up that book and read.

Reading such books can leave you with a different impact depending on the genre of that book and your interpretations too. Every book in itself is a different experience to feel and cherish. To me reading is healing and books are universe. Sharing my reading experiences and pov (point of view) towards the books I have read, knowing pov of other readers, reading books of different genres, knowing about the books I haven’t been able to read yet, preparing TBR (to be read) list, identifying and sharing tips/lessons/learning from self help books, reviewing books read by me or suggested by others…. Oh wow! there is so much to do through this blog!😃😃😃

I had been searching for channels where I could fulfill my urges, where I could reach out to masses, basically it was search of means to meet ends…So here I am to have and share an enriching experience about the books I have chosen to read or the books suggested by you all.

I will be back soon with a post about who or what drove me towards books. How you got navigated towards books, do mention in the comments below.

See you all soon! 🙋

With Love💖💖