Wild World: The Adventures of Bali and Bhola – Book Review

Author: Deepak Arora

Format: Paperback

Genre: Comic Fiction

The protagonists are Bali,a langur and Bhola,a bear. Both live in city.
While Bali works for Kanga and his job is to chase monkeys out of residential localities of the city,Bhola does street shows for his owner.

After getting fed up with the torture and brutal treatment by their owners,the two escape to move back to jungle.

During his welcome party,Bali saves Raja,the tiger from poacher’s attack and this makes him the hero.Other animals approach him with a request to rescue Rani,the tigress from the City Zoo.

The tale narrates the adventures of these animals to save the jungle from humans.

βœ’Simple,quick read.
βœ’Hilarious plot and fun filled narration.
βœ’Most incidents remind of The Jungle Book and other animated cartoon shows in which animals talk and do funny things…a bit nostalgic.
βœ’I felt a kind of sarcasm and satire towards humans destroying forests and killing animals for selfish reasons.
βœ’Must read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25

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