Maiden Tales: Book Review

Authors: Suraj Baraliya & Amit Khuve


Genre:Fiction,Collection of Short Stories

About the Book

The book is a collection of following 12 short stories with diversified plots:
๐ŸงกTemple With Two Doors
๐ŸงกSecond Chance
๐ŸงกA Selfish Philanthropist
๐ŸงกHope He Gets That
๐ŸงกDeshmukh Tea Stall
๐ŸงกJungle Safari
๐ŸงกSupporting Character
๐ŸงกThe Missing Shadow
๐ŸงกOne Night Stand
๐ŸงกWho Wants To Kill Daadu
๐ŸงกCo Wives

โœ’Every story leaves with a different but deep impact.
โœ’Some of the stories even leave a heartache.
โœ’The portrayal of characters has been done beautifully.
โœ’These stories narrate simple characters going through different complicated and tough circumstances,some of which are either relatable or observed around.
โœ’Must Read.

My Favourites From The Book

๐ŸงกSecond Chance

๐ŸงกHope He Gets That

๐ŸงกDeshmukh Tea Stall

Rating: โญโญโญโญ

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