Small is Big – Vol.III: Book Review

Author: Rafaa Dalvi
Format: ebook

Genre: Collection of Short Stories

About the Book:

The book is third volume of the series. It has 100 micro tales from almost all fiction sub genres.

1️⃣Quick read,each story being hardly 4-5 lines long.
2️⃣Very unconventional and unique way of storytelling.
3️⃣The book has something for every kind of reader,one story gives goosebumps and chill in spine,another makes you chuckle and yet another leaves you emotional.
4️⃣The blend of philosophy, horror,comic,romance and suspense is awesome.

5️⃣Every story conveys an emotion.
6️⃣Summing up a story so effectively in so few words is really commendable…Kudos to the author!
7️⃣Must Read.