Ease: A Poetic Journey Within : Book Review


❀A compilation of numerous poems by the author or written in collaboration with others.

❀The poems focus on:
🌟Learning to be at ease with self
🌟Being comfortable in one’s own skin,self acceptance.
🌟Self healing
🌟Being in love with self

πŸ’•A beautiful book worth falling in love with…has artistic doodles and perfect formatting.
πŸ’•Cover has a serene look,apt with the theme of the book.
πŸ’•Name an emotion and you find it in the book…making it relatable.
πŸ’•Most of the poems are short and seem like voicing different emotions and mindsets one goes through.
πŸ’•The beauty of these poems is no matter whichever emotion they express,they end up with positivity.
πŸ’•I loved all the poems but Starters,My Way, Decorations, A Lost Key, Of The Sun, Formalities, Colors of Forgiveness, Sometimes and Worthwhile are my favourite.
πŸ’•The book is perfect for everyone,but specially for those who are searching for and in need of tranquility and a peaceful mind.
πŸ’• Reading the book gives a therauptic feel to calm down a stressed,frustrated mind.
πŸ’•The book will make you love yourself and your life…something each one of us needs badly.
πŸ’•A Must Read.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐